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We often hear the question, "What makes DiveR fins special?"

Firstly, our materials are nothing short of extraordinary. We've partnered exclusively with Textreme, a renowned producer of platinum-grade carbon used in cutting-edge applications like F1 race cars and high-performance aircraft. These lightweight and durable materials ensure that DiveR fins outlast and outperform others on the market. With proper maintenance, a pair of DiveR blades can accompany you for an incredible 6-12 years!

But it doesn't stop there. Our fins boast a mesmerising fusion of art and functionality. DiveR takes pride in offering the most unique and exclusive fin designs available. Through our meticulously crafted process of material infusion and layering, we bring stunning imagery to life on every pair of fins we produce. When you dive with DiveR, you're not just experiencing exceptional performance but also expressing your individuality.

Lastly, every DiveR blade is meticulously handmade right here in Australia. Our skilled craftsmen pour their passion and expertise into every fin they create. This attention to detail ensures that each DiveR fin delivers unmatched quality and precision, allowing you to dive with confidence and pride.

Choose DiveR for an unparalleled diving experience. Feel the difference, embrace the artistry, and dive into the extraordinary.

Choosing Flex

- Divers under 85kg should choose (Soft Flex) unless diving strong currents.

- Divers 85kg+ should choose (Medium Flex) to maximise propulsion.

Shipping & Considerations

DiveR ships exclusively with Express Post. If your order is delayed it's because our team is meticulously hand crafting each set of fins to your exact specification.

Australia Delivery

- (1-5 Business Days)

International Delivery

- (4-8 Business Days)


Fins do not come with 'Foot pockets' these can be added to your cart at checkout or checkout our recommendations (Foot Pockets)

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Innegra is a type of polypropylene fiber known for its exceptional strength, lightweight nature, and impact resistance. When used in dive fins, Innegra fiber provides several benefits:

  1. Lightweight: Innegra fiber is significantly lighter than many other materials used in dive fin construction. This helps reduce the overall weight of the fins, making them more comfortable to wear and reducing fatigue during dives.
  2. Impact Resistance: The fiber's unique composition allows it to absorb and disperse energy upon impact. This is particularly beneficial in dive fins as it helps protect the fins from damage when kicking against rocks, coral reefs, or other solid objects underwater.
  3. Strength and Durability: Innegra fiber is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. It enhances the longevity of dive fins, allowing them to withstand rigorous use in various diving conditions.
  4. Flexibility: Innegra fiber provides good flexibility to dive fins, allowing for efficient propulsion in the water. The flexibility of the fiber ensures that the fins can bend and flex appropriately during each kick, maximizing power and efficiency.
  5. Improved Performance: The lightweight nature, impact resistance, and flexibility of Innegra fiber contribute to overall improved performance in dive fins. Divers can experience enhanced maneuverability, reduced drag, and increased speed and efficiency while swimming underwater.

When considering dive fins with Innegra fiber, it's essential to note that the overall performance and comfort will also depend on other factors such as the fin's design, blade shape, and fit. Therefore, it's recommended to try on the fins or read user reviews to assess the specific characteristics and benefits of the dive fins incorporating Innegra fiber.


HypeTex, developed by Hypetex, is an extraordinary material that has revolutionised the world of advanced composites. Its exceptional properties make it highly sought after in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, and luxury goods. One of its standout features is its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio.

Despite being incredibly lightweight, HypeTex exhibits outstanding strength and stiffness, making it an ideal choice for applications that require both durability and reduced weight. This unique characteristic allows for the creation of high-performance products that are not only strong but also significantly lighter than those made from traditional materials. Whether it's aircraft components, automotive parts, or sporting equipment, HypeTex's exceptional strength-to-weight ratio offers a significant advantage in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, and overall user experience.

Another notable property of HypeTex is its exceptional vibration dampening capabilities. The material is designed to effectively absorb and reduce vibrations, minimizing their transmission within structures. This makes HypeTex highly valuable in industries where vibration control is critical, such as aerospace and automotive. By reducing vibrations, HypeTex enhances the overall stability, comfort, and performance of products. It contributes to a smoother ride, improved handling, and increased precision, making it a preferred choice for applications where minimizing vibrations is crucial.

In summary, HypeTex's exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and impressive vibration dampening capabilities have established it as a game-changer in the field of advanced composites. Its lightweight nature combined with remarkable strength makes it ideal for applications that demand durability without added weight. Additionally, its ability to absorb vibrations enhances stability and performance, making it a sought-after material in industries that require superior quality and performance.


Here are some reasons why carbon dive fins from Diver Australia are unique:

  1. Lightweight and agile: Carbon fiber-reinforced materials are exceptionally lightweight, allowing divers to move effortlessly through the water. Compared to fins made from other materials, such as rubber or plastic, carbon dive fins reduce fatigue and increase maneuverability, providing a more enjoyable diving experience.
  2. Strength and durability: Carbon fibers are known for their incredible strength and durability. Diver Australia's carbon dive fins are designed to withstand the harsh underwater environments and resist impact from rocks, corals, and other obstacles. Their sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, making them a reliable choice for divers who require equipment that can withstand rigorous use.
  3. Enhanced power and efficiency: Carbon dive fins are engineered to optimize power transfer from the diver's leg movements to propel them through the water. The stiffness and responsiveness of carbon fibers allow for efficient energy transmission, resulting in greater thrust and speed. With Diver Australia's carbon dive fins, divers can cover more distance with less effort, conserving energy and improving overall diving efficiency.
  4. Customisability: Carbon dive fins can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual divers. Diver Australia offers a range of carbon dive fins with different blade lengths, stiffness levels, and designs. This customization allows divers to select fins that best match their diving style, body size, and diving conditions, ensuring a personalized and optimized diving experience.
  5. Reduced water resistance: The sleek and streamlined design of carbon dive fins minimizes water resistance, allowing divers to glide smoothly through the water. This reduction in drag not only improves efficiency but also reduces the strain on the diver's muscles and joints, leading to less fatigue and increased comfort during extended dives.

By incorporating carbon fiber technology into their dive fins, Diver Australia has created a unique product that combines lightweight construction, exceptional strength, and efficient performance. These carbon dive fins provide divers with the advantages of advanced materials, enabling them to explore the underwater world with enhanced agility, power, and comfort.


Here's how composite materials, are tailored to dive fins and how Diver Australia incorporates them:

  1. Lightweight design: Carbon fiber composites are exceptionally lightweight compared to traditional fin materials. This reduces the overall weight burden on divers, allowing for easier movement and extended dive times without causing excessive fatigue. Diver Australia understands the importance of lightweight design in dive fins, and by using carbon fiber composites, they provide divers with fins that minimize underwater resistance and enhance maneuverability.
  2. Superior strength: Carbon fiber composites offer high strength-to-weight ratios, making them ideal for dive fins. Diver Australia's dive fins incorporate carbon fiber composites that provide exceptional strength, ensuring durability and resistance to impact from rocks, corals, and other underwater obstacles. This strength is crucial for divers, as it allows them to confidently navigate challenging environments without worrying about fin failure or damage.
  3. Flexibility and responsiveness: Composite materials, including carbon fiber composites, can be engineered to provide specific levels of flexibility and responsiveness. Diver Australia tailors their carbon fiber composite fins to strike the right balance between flexibility and stiffness, resulting in fins that respond efficiently to the diver's leg movements. This allows for precise control and increased thrust, improving the overall propulsion underwater.
  4. Hydrodynamic design: Composite materials offer greater design flexibility, enabling the creation of sleek and hydrodynamic shapes. Diver Australia leverages this advantage by designing their carbon fiber composite fins with streamlined profiles that minimize water resistance. This streamlined design reduces drag, allowing divers to move through the water with enhanced efficiency and reduced energy expenditure.
  5. Corrosion resistance: Carbon fiber composites used in dive fins are inherently resistant to corrosion, which is particularly beneficial in saltwater environments. Diver Australia's carbon fiber composite fins can withstand the corrosive effects of seawater, ensuring their longevity and minimizing the need for frequent replacement.
  6. Enhanced comfort: The properties of carbon fiber composites, including their flexibility and ability to dampen vibrations, contribute to enhanced comfort in dive fins. Diver Australia's carbon fiber composite fins are designed to reduce strain on the diver's muscles and joints, providing a comfortable fit and reducing fatigue during prolonged dives.

By incorporating carbon fiber composites into their dive fins, Diver Australia creates a product that excels in terms of lightweight design, strength, flexibility, hydrodynamics, corrosion resistance, and comfort. These tailored features enable divers to navigate underwater environments with improved agility, power, and comfort, enhancing their overall diving experience.


Diver Australia has nailed it with their dive fins. The materials used are of high quality, and the fins provide excellent thrust and stability. I trust this brand for all my diving needs.


I've tried many dive fins in the past, but Diver Australia's fins are a cut above the rest. They are lightweight, easy to use, and offer outstanding performance. I'm impressed!


Diver Australia's dive fins are simply fantastic. They offer a perfect balance between power and comfort. I can explore the underwater world for hours without feeling fatigued. Thank you!


I recently upgraded my dive gear with Diver Australia's dive fins, and I'm amazed at the difference they've made. The fins enhance my swimming abilities and provide the perfect amount of propulsion. I'm thrilled with my purchase.


Diver Australia's dive fins have exceeded my expectations. They are incredibly versatile, suitable for both recreational and professional diving. These fins are a must-have for any diving enthusiast.


I've been diving with Diver Australia's dive fins for a while now, and I can confidently say they are the best fins I've ever used. They are sturdy, reliable, and deliver outstanding performance in all conditions.