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What blade material should I buy?
When it comes to choosing the right blade material there are three options to choose; Composite, Carbon and Innegra. These materials range in price as a result of the material quality, durability and performance. We recommend checking out our full video breakdown in 'You Design' section of the website.
Replace a fin or do a sole purchase?
Call or email and we will work with you to resolve specialty orders.
What flex option should I choose?
When it comes to choosing your blades stiffness, we recommend if you'r over 85KG in weight a hard stiffness and if you'r under 85KG a soft stiffness. Stiffness impacts the amount of power and energy generated, purchasing the correct flex is very important as it is a significant variable in speed and energy transmission.
Shipping times?
Shipping domestically within Australia should be 5-7 days once order fulfilment. Internationally due to current volume delays shipping time will be between 12-15 business days.
Can I purchase In a local dive store?
Yes, if you are looking to purchase from a retail store the below 'Fine Dealer' section will provide a further breakdown.
Is there warranty on my blades?
Yes, all DiveR blades come with a 2 year warranty
Whats the difference between hard and soft blades?
Depending of your weight and desired underwater 'feel' the 'Soft' blades a flexible less strenuous option that offers a highly flexible effortless feel. If your a heavier individual who requires more power under the water we recommend the 'Hard' blade option, as this will provide a more powerful and effective result.
Dimensions and sizing?
DiveR blades are the following dimensions; 210 widest point x 900mm long
What foot pockets will suite me best?
When it comes to foot pockets, DiveR recommends Ocean Hunter, JBL, C4 and Mares as a good staple foot pocket brands.